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Indonesia Deserves The Best Total Solutions For Hygienic And Covid-19

Indonesia deserves the best total solutions for Hygienic and Covid-19

For months, the coronavirus has crawled across the globe especially in Indonesia. Governments, institutions, and communities in Indonesia and around the world are grappling with the impact of Covid-19. It directly impacts the entertainment area, School, restaurants, hotel, and the other business sector. The commercial place should put Hygiene on the top of their priority.

Companies around the world must fastly adapt to this situation. As a Total Solutions company that provides IT Security technology, and defense, PT SAS Securitas Indonesia has paid attention to this pandemic situation.

We bring the best technology in the world to Indonesia. We believe that Indonesia as the biggest maritime country deserves the best total solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic and Hygienic.

We are proudly introducing ZOONO AntiMicrobial spray.

PT SAS Securitas Indonesia in collaboration with Zoono has brought the best long lasting Skin and Surface sanitizer. Zoono Sanitizer is the new era of Sanitizer, it can continuously kill bacteria and viruses with only a single spray into your skin, or to any surfaces you want to protect.

Zoono is a magic antimicrobial spray. Zoono skin sanitizer can protect your skin for 24 hours nonstop, and with a single spray of Zoono Surface Sanitizer, it can protect any surfaces from germs, bacteria, and viruses for up to 30 Days.

Learn more about ZOONO Antimicrobial spray here

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