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Which One Could Safe You From Covid-19? Hand Sanitizer Or Surface Sanitizer ?

Which One Could Safe You From Covid-19? Hand Sanitizer or Surface Sanitizer ?

For almost a year the world has struggled to end this covid-19 pandemic. The vaccine is the only thing that people need at this moment. However, the world still struggling to produce the right vaccine for these coronaviruses.

At the moment the needs of sanitizing and hygiene are people’s top priorities. Many of us carrying hand sanitizers everywhere to sanitize their hands. But sometimes people don’t aware of things they held every day like Phone, Laptop, Wallet, sunglasses, bracelet, necklace, etc.

Since coronaviruses are reported to have the ability to airborne transmission, all the things that go outdoor have the same virus transmission potential or maybe higher. Things that we bring every day could transmit the virus to everything inside our home, office, or any safe indoor place.

Hand Sanitizer is the best choice for your skin or hand, but if hands are the only part we protect, the potential of viruses transmit from our everyday belongings is still super high. PT SAS Securitas Indonesia has put their concern on that. We collaborate with ZOONO Anti-Microbial Spray to give the best solutions to sanitize daily belongings that go outdoor, or maybe you can spray this amazing liquid to your desk, couch, or any surface that gets contact with our daily belongings.

Zoono significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and yeast. Our innovative technology will last up to 30 days on treated surfaces. Zoono uses an advanced manufacturing process to provide long-lasting bonding capabilities. Zoono technology is water-based, alcohol-free, and free from dangerous chemicals. This is truly the next generation of antimicrobial technology.

Hand Sanitizer or surface sanitizer, they work together to protect you everywhere you go, but if we underestimate the surface sanitizer, it will end badly. This surface sanitizer also can protect your car door handle, baby stroller, or anything else that requires high attention of hygiene. So just go with your daily activity, and Zoono will protect you everywhere you go.

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