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The World Leader In Tactical Micro-Robot Scout Systems

The World Leader In Tactical Micro-Robot Scout Systems

Scout kit is a must-have device for tactical or army out there. Scout kit also can increase the success of the High-Risk operations.

ReconRobotics® is the world leader in tactical micro-robot and personal sensor systems. Worldwide, nearly 6,000 ReconRobotics® robots have been deployed to the U.S. military and international friendly forces, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, bomb squads, and fire/rescue teams.

Each day, they use the company’s mobile Recon Scout® and Throwbot® devices to protect their personnel, minimize collateral damage, and gain immediate reconnaissance within dangerous and hostile environments. PT SAS Securitas Indonesia in collaborating with Recon Robotics® U.S has brought the best Micro-Robot Systems technology. The device is called Throwbot®2.

The Throwbot®2 robotic reconnaissance systems are relatively new devices to military and police communities. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Special Forces, SWAT team operators, and critical security providers in over 40 countries use these throwable, mobile robots to obtain real-time video of hostile or potentially unsafe areas – information that can give them a tactical advantage over potential adversaries.

Why this device is become so important?

  1. Protect Lives Of Personnel
  2. Minimize Collateral Damage
  3. Gain Immediate Situational Awareness
  4. Gain Real-time situation based on live cam

Personnel live are the most valuable assets. With this one device, we can remove the risk that facing every personnel on each operation.

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